The Great Talent Retention Challenge Beyond COVID

The challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic allowed us to see beyond what we previously thought was possible, opening up a wide range of possibilities that will revolutionize the traditional workplace. Now, as restrictions are lifting in many places around the world, we are starting to get a peek at

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Through the Main Door: The Importance of Onboarding on Culture

How do you successfully onboard a new team member from day 0? An aspect that’s often overlooked when first diving into doing company culture right is the onboarding process. Culture is an essential component to every dimension of an organization’s life: from recruiting new team members to interacting with clients,

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How do you empower your best people to thrive?

In this mini-series which is part of our soft launch, we explore cultural design. There is a big difference between leading your high performers and the employees who are trying to get away with doing the absolute minimum. Learn one of the techniques of Futuristic Leadership to amplify, empower and,

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How Can You Peak Your Performance?

In this mini-series which is part of our soft launch, we explore cultural design. In this video, you will learn three quick tips on how you can peak your performance every day as a founder and leader. Watch the video here

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