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High Achievers outperform average workers by 14% in productivity, 18% in sales, and 23% in profitability

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As your growth continues to accelerate, you might experience your teams becoming increasingly uncoordinated, causing your goals to become harder to achieve. You have team members who are brilliant and always seem to pull through, but others are falling behind. You are aiming to reconnect everyone with a common feeling of urgency and a company-wide sense of achievement to level up performance and help smooth out delivery challenges. At the same time, you are looking to reengage and elevate your best people to recapture the feelings of being surrounded by fellow High Achievers, those who share the same exceptional levels of commitment and dedication as you.


You are working to attract and empower even more High Achievers to join and level up within your company, but something seems to be missing to truly ignite your plans.

High Achievers thrive alongside fellow High Achievers,
and they attract each other

High Achievers live and breathe the values and the vision of your company, and they actively engage in amplifying impact. They are self-driven, excellence-oriented, and resourceful, and they are always looking to bring more value to the table. They are committed to bringing the company’s vision to life; therefore, they do not hold back when it comes to delivering their best and continually striving for improvement.

Empowering High Achievers usually produces outsized results compared to other investments. After all, it’s your High Achievers who can deliver the impossible. And it’s your High Achievers who bring out the best in everyone around them with shared values.

In other words, the more your High Achievers shine, the more everyone shines.

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During my tenure as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of a fast-growing, high-tech, Cambridge-based company, I have participated in numerous cultural and leadership programs designed by Therese and her Reimaginez team. The programs are, without a doubt, one of the most valuable things offered by my employer. These programs not only enabled me to grow as a leader and sharpen my leadership skills but are critical for transforming members of a newly formed leadership team, from co-workers into team players.

Her work has been instrumental in overcoming two major crises and has enabled the management team to be united, thus avoiding potentially catastrophic effects for the business. Therése has a very impressive track record, and I believe she is a black belt in her field.

Salvatore Savo

Co-founder of TetraScience and CTO of Elemental Machines

Actionable Ways to Engage High Achievers

Develop and lead your High Achievers, boost their performance, champion your future talents, and allow them to thrive through the leadership philosophies of tomorrow.


Reimaginez’s proven and actionable programs will elevate you to the next level



Inspiring Your Best People to Excel and Thrive

Keynote address ‘The High Achiever Culture – Strategically Leading, Investing in, and Championing Your High Achievers’


Your High Achievers are committed, loyal, and ambitious. They have an outsized impact on your company’s ability to achieve greatness and thrive when working alongside fellow High Achievers. By actively empowering them to lead, take the initiative, and communicate with passion, they will be able to peak their performance as a group and inspire your entire company to level up for the challenges and opportunities ahead. To kickstart this work, aligning and inspiring your people on how to best engage your High Achievers and High Potentials during a Reimaginez Retreat or event with a keynote address and/or workshops is the easiest way to get started. 


Strategically Leading, Investing in, and Championing Your High Achievers

Leadership and Performance programs – Leadership Reimagined, Performance Reimagined, Collaboration Reimagined

High Achievers outperform average workers by over 20 percent in profitability, and they are the heart and soul of your company. To keep these team members highly engaged while growing and leading a high achieving culture, it’s essential to invest in elevating them and to bring the whole company to the next level. Actionable, proven, and high achieving programs focused on Futuristic Leadership, including the LeadEx, RemoteEx, and Tango Programs, will enable you to keep your High Achievers highly engaged, committed, and fired up for the journey ahead.


Investing in a High Achieving Culture Where
High Achievers Lead the Way and
Magnify Performance 

Comprehensive programs on leadership, collaboration, performance, mindset, and
mastery for High Achievers and High Potentials


One High Achiever working alone can contribute to greatness. A team of High Achievers can achieve the seemingly impossible. A whole company of High Achievers working together can change the world. When you are investing in a high achieving culture where High Achievers lead the way and magnify performance, you create an environment dedicated to success and free from toxicity. Actionable, proven, and comprehensive programs for High Achievers and High Potentials focused on leadership, collaboration, performance, mindset, and mastery will enable your company to go from success to excellence and beyond.  

Highlighted Case Studies and Success Stories 

Successfully Scaling a Fast-Growing Multinational by Connecting a Thriving Culture with Corporate Performance

10x’ing Their

Average Deal Size

From CTO to CEO – Succeeding as the Leader of a Fast-Growing Startup

45% Revenue Increase During the Pandemic for an 18-year-old company

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Therese is an extraordinary entrepreneur and international motivational speaker. A conductor of energy and magnetism, she engages audiences through her passionate performances, providing audiences with immediate and actionable insights. Combining her background in elite fitness and her extensive professional experience, Therese has motivated people all over the world to reach their goals in both their personal and professional lives.

Stefan Engeseth

Guest Professor and Author

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Founders & C-Level Clients Served
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From Aligning to Merging Culture 
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Cultural Alignment is Your

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Culture Determines Success: Culturally-Driven Companies Achieve 18% More Revenue Per Employee than the Average

High Achievers Outperform

Average Workers by 14% in

Productivity, 18% in Sales,

and 23% in Profitability

High Achievers are the Heart and Soul of Your Company: How are you Attracting Top Talent to Your Company?

Your Chapter of Hyper-Growth: From Cultural Legacy to Market Transformation and Beyond

Amplifying Performance,

Reach, and Value Through

Culturally Aligned Mergers

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Successfully Scaling a Fast-Growing Multinational by Connecting a Thriving Culture with Corporate Performance

Client: Founder and CEO of a fast-growing SaaS company in Europe with over 145 million USD in annual revenue and a significant presence in 38 countries.

Challenge: Developing and strengthening a thriving culture through significant growth and international expansion.

Results: The underlying challenges for this Founder was managing international growth without diluting their culture from an influx of new people while driving exceptional performance and more than doubling their revenue. The Founder and Therése together developed innovative strategies and processes to drive a thriving people and purpose-centric culture throughout the organization connecting their culture directly with their performance. The new initiatives achieved the company’s targets ahead of schedule expanding into new countries and significantly increasing revenue in multiple markets. The company has continued accelerating with a strengthening culture dedicated to their core values and ambitious vision.



10x Deal Sizes

Client: Serial Founder and CEO of a Series-A health-tech company in the US.

Challenge: Scaling up yearly revenue and closing large commercial partnerships to secure market share.

Results: The underlying challenge was a disconnect between the goals, strategies, and priorities within the company, especially between the engineering and commercial teams. Steps taken included aligning the company around a united vision and strengthening their culture, followed by a targeted commercial strategy focused on clearer dream personas and value propositions. These initiatives resulted in increasing the average deal size by more than ten times.



From CTO to CEO – Succeeding as the Leader of a Fast-Growing Startup

Client: Founder and CEO of a series-A BioTech company in Boston.

Challenge: Transforming a highly technical and scientifically brilliant Founder into an effective CEO.

Results: This serial Founder and former CTO who focused on technical development and intellectual property, had previously started and successfully sold two companies prior to launching this startup as a CEO. The underlying challenges were mainly connected to the different skill sets required as a CEO – being in the driver’s seat of a highly specialized team while also focusing on fundraising, recruiting talent, keeping the culture thriving, and pitching the startup to audiences around the world.

During this personal and professional transformation, the Founder grew into an effective and visionary leader, launching multiple products, closing major partnerships, raising venture capital, and successfully growing the company into a dominant player within their niche. While working with Therése, the Founder was also able to stay true to his roots as a High Achieving Empathic Giver.



45% Revenue Increase During the Pandemic for an 18-year-old company

Client: Founder and CEO of an 18-year-old high-growth SaaS company in Europe with over nearly 200 million USD in annual revenue and a significant presence in 38 countries.

Challenge: Strengthen and align the CEOs, management team, and the board, remove roadblocks of internal conflicts to scale and set the company up for success with a strategic and cultural plan.

Results: With an already thriving culture, company leadership needed help navigating challenges that included removing toxic individuals and refinancing the company. Therese worked directly with the CEO to elevate his leadership and public image, partner with stakeholders, and thrive under extreme pressure. There was also success in strengthening the management team, leveling up performance throughout the company, and improving cultural initiatives. 

Therese also provided long- and short-term strategic, operational, and tactical support to scale and set the direction of the company with the 2028 vision in mind. These pillars helped the client align the board and leadership on collaboration, strengthen the culture of kindness and performance, and execute initiatives to substantially outperform growth targets. 

The outcome of addressing these challenges swiftly resulted in a 45% growth in revenue which is the best year-over-year (YOY) in the company’s history.


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