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– From Cultural Legacy to Market Transformation and Beyond

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When Scaling Your Company Lacks Intention, Direction, and Purpose 

You might be experiencing that the methods and systems you depend upon are no longer serving as well as they used to. As your growth accelerates and the markets’ demands continue to expand and significantly change, many of your original processes are reaching their natural limits. As new challenges keep arising, you are looking for ways to stay ahead while preparing to maximize opportunities.


Doing this without losing your identity and thriving culture while simultaneously achieving your goals requires complete alignment when it feels almost impossible. Achievement-led leadership, value-based recruitment, strategically empowering high performers, and effectively maintaining accountability all have critical roles to play in creating and maintaining the alignment you need throughout your rapid growth.


In addition, you might be experiencing long onboarding times for new team members before they become ‘one of your own,’ which is limiting your ability to scale. As a result, you are seeking more effective ways to level up your thriving culture and to scale gracefully but are unsure how best to begin.


In short, moving forward with maximum impact at this stage requires empowering your highest performers while removing sources of toxicity from uneven growth as the company’s performance continues to accelerate.

Scaling a Thriving Culture During High Growth

For brilliant leaders already focused on and committed to keeping and scaling their People and Purpose-Centric cultures as they power through multiple rapid-growth cycles, their core challenge lies in effectively scaling from commercial success to cultural excellence and beyond.

Fundamentally speaking, codified cultures are scalable cultures capable of delivering outsized impact with minimal inputs compared to your peers. By actively encouraging and amplifying culturally resonant values and behaviors across your company, it will be possible to stay aligned, focused, and achievement-oriented in times of high growth. As your company continues to grow, it is critical to continue investing in developing and aligning your culture throughout the highs and lows.


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Highly driven, goal-focused and with an extraordinary degree of commitment to her projects. Therese can handle the grit of being an entrepreneur – not being someone to quit or easily doubt her ideas or vision. She wants to bring about change and engages the people around her in her ideas. She is also an advocate of entrepreneurship and has helped countless people on their path to building their business. I count her among the most inspirational and brilliant people I have the fortune to know.

Jakob Persson

Co-founder and CTO at NodeOne

Actionable Ways to Successfully Scale Culture

Align people around your vision, effectively champion your High Achievers, remove toxicity, and amplify impact by designing and scaling a high performing culture.


During rapid growth, we need to address the two core aspects of successful scalability:
Cultural-Based Performance and Growth 

Strategic Direction and Achieving Goals 


Reimaginez’s proven and actionable programs will elevate you to the next level


What is Possible to Achieve when you Commit
Cultural-Based Performance and Growth?


Culture as a Silver Bullet: Discover How
You Can Design and Lead Your Company
Through Rapid Growth and Beyond 

Culturally-Oriented Reimaginez Retreats, Offsites, and All-Hands 


Why is it especially important for you at this stage to intensely focus on investing actively and decisively in your company’s culture? Why now, when your growth is unprecedented, still accelerating, and so rapid that even your new offices are almost full and a million other needs – all critical – are demanding ever more of your time, why should you double down on your culture over almost all of them?


It is because stabilizing and extending outward the most steadfast embodiments of your empowered culture is the only silver bullet. It’s capable of ensuring your ability to continue outperforming the market and your competition even while your company is simultaneously being battered on all sides by the impacts of exploding head counts, increasingly ‘impossible’ expectations from major accounts and the additional deluges of unknowns certain to arrive as you continue expanding deeper and further into new markets and even greater expectations. To kickstart this work, aligning and inspiring your people during a Reimaginez Retreat, Company Offsite, Town Hall, or All-Hands with keynote speeches and/or workshops is the easiest way to get started. 


Maximizing Value with Cultural Alignment
from Onboarding through Advanced
Leadership Development

Cultural Transformation focused on Advanced Leadership, High Performance Training, and Outboarding Programs


Your company’s success and rapid growth are the talk of the industry, and your recruiters are delivering so many best-in-class candidates that your leaders are struggling to find enough time to interview them all. Unfortunately, even with everyone pitching in to lend a hand, it has become obvious that your onboarding can’t keep up with this incredible flow of ambitious new talent. Even your internal data analytics are confirming what you’ve heard from multiple sources already: that your impressive waves of new top talent are generating unprecedented levels of cultural and procedural uncertainty. As a result, it is taking longer than ever for your newest hires to become an accepted part of your formal and internal networks and, in doing so, to become effective members of one or more of your worldwide teams. 


Adding a dangerous mixture of fuel and oxygen to these staffing and scalability fires are the increasingly strident calls from your investors demanding faster recruiting, faster growth, and stronger returns. This, multiplied by the accelerating demands from your biggest, boldest, and highest-visibility clients, whose teams now depend on your success in order to continue outcompete their rivals, creates a pressure cooker of outsized proportions.


As these pressures continue to mount in line with your expansive growth, how can even your best teams continue scaling and building upon their industry-leading performance far into the future?


Within this stage, by far, the single most impactful answer is to design and execute high-impact initiatives for establishing and maintaining a company-wide cultural alignment from new candidate Onboarding Programs through to Advanced Leadership, High Performance Training, and Outboarding Programs. By doing so, your company will be vastly better positioned to sidestep the pitfalls which often curtail rapidly growing teams and to continue performing with the pace, performance, and intensity of the elite teams they continue to be.


Performing Brilliantly by Multiplying Your
Impact During Rapid Scaling and Beyond

Cultural Transformation Focused on High Achievers, Performance, Leadership and Cultural, and Operational Processes


In the earliest stages of rapid growth, it is possible to manage your company as if you were still building a Formula 1 car while you and your team are still driving it and to receive largely the same results. However, as your growth continues to accelerate, this strategy quickly loses its effectiveness because you’re no longer building a single Formula 1 car but an entire fleet. How and when should you handle this shift? Ideally, decisively and as early in this stage as possible.


Regardless when you notice this shift occurring, it is valuable to recognize the kernel of truth within the saying, “you only get what you measure”. This truism is of the utmost concern as there will be intense pressure for your metrics to become primarily financial in nature. To allow your vision to keep shining bright and for your whole company to keep achieving greatness, the recommended approach here is a bespoke cultural transformation allowing multiple initiatives to support your new reality. 

Therese is an extraordinary individual with a great drive. She has an exceptional ability to quickly grasp new information and converting it into concrete actions. She is also an exceptional facilitator and contributor: sharing her extensive knowledge with high energy and charisma, paired with professionalism and a genuine interest in making individuals excel. Therése is truly phenomenal at empowering people.

Annelie Sule

Innovation and Business Development Manager at Umbilical Design

What is Possible When You Align Your Culture with
Your Strategic Direction and Achieving Goals? 


Strategic and Cultural Alignment: Your Amplifier
for Ensuring and Sustaining High Performance During High-Growth

Reimaginez Cultural and Strategy Workshop Series


Exceptional growth can often risk significantly diluting your high performing culture, especially when geographic expansion is involved. By publicly and actively aligning and reinforcing your strategic and cultural strengths, visions, and goals through the high-impact Cultural and Strategy Workshop Series, these dual amplifiers consistent and sustainable high performance will be able to work their magic 24/7 across your entire organization. Infusing even your newest teams with energy and drive that is almost impossible for competitors to match, let alone copy.


Strengthening Both Your Strategic and
Cultural Alignment: Significantly Enhancing
Your Performance and Impact

Strategic-Oriented Reimaginez Executive Retreats and Offsites 


When your growth is rapidly accelerating, time is of the essence. This is why the time-to-impact of any strategic intervention is critically important for ensuring its results scale together with your organization instead of getting lost in the noise. For this reason, high-commitment, high-impact interventions like strategically proven Executive Retreats and Offsite Programs are recommended at this exceptional stage of your growth.


These high-impact leadership programs have been proven to preempt and blitz through organizational resistance to rapidly deliver real, immediate, and actionable changes. Combine organizational alignment around your strategy and goals and core Behavioral Design principles through intense, well-choreographed initiatives. These programs can indelibly alter your cultural trajectory to support your company’s exponential growth.


Growing and Magnifying Your Strategic
and Cultural Alignment During Exceptional Growth: Achieving Game-Changing Results

Strategic Transformation with Communication and Game-Changer Programs 


When you are constantly dealing with a million challenges, you are likely to find yourself in a situation where your management team, leaders, and individual contributors begin to drift. Goals and key initiatives that were once pursued with a strong joint effort start to experience misalignment and miscommunication. 

In this stage where alignment and focus on high-impact goals, strategies, product development, and commercial initiatives are crucial but difficult to achieve. This is the time to invest in more comprehensive programs to deliver strategic transformation. These programs address internal and external processes honing in on strategic, operational, and communication challenges. This enables both high growth and high achievement among all team members at company. 

Highlighted Case Studies and Success Stories 

3x Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), positioning the company as the dominant player in their niche

Saving an 9.7 million USD ARR Subsidiary from Collapsing

Successfully Scaling a Fast-Growing Multinational by Connecting a Thriving Culture with Corporate Performance

45% Revenue Increase During the Pandemic for an 18-year-old company

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From Aligning to Merging Culture 
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Cultural Alignment is Your

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Culture Determines Success: Culturally-Driven Companies Achieve 18% More Revenue Per Employee than the Average

High Achievers Outperform

Average Workers by 14% in

Productivity, 18% in Sales,

and 23% in Profitability

High Achievers are the Heart and Soul of Your Company: How are you Attracting Top Talent to Your Company?

Your Chapter of Hyper-Growth: From Cultural Legacy to Market Transformation and Beyond

Amplifying Performance,

Reach, and Value Through

Culturally Aligned Mergers

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3x Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), positioning the company as the dominant player in their niche

Client: High-growth, VC-backed life sciences company headquartered in the US.

Challenge: Engage a mixed culture of High Performers and Cruisers to develop and scale a High Achieving Culture during an unprecedented period of growth, fundraising, growing pains, and new business.

Results: To implement a cultural transformation, we focused on a mix of strategic, tactical, and operational programs and initiatives. Reimaginez implemented several cultural initiatives and training and development programs, which enabled the team to experience a 50% increase in growth with High Performers.

To level up the team, we implemented several Futuristic Leadership Programs for management and next-generation leaders to strengthen and level up the teams. Alongside the client, we also advanced the culture and leadership from a mixed performance to a High Achieving Culture.


We helped the company to develop a proven recruitment methodology to attract more culturally aligned High Performers; the client adopted and implemented the proprietary processes, models, and frameworks that included The People and Purpose Centric Recruit on Culture Framework™.


We helped the company shift to a fully-remote model, align resources and people, and scale the company. Additionally, we leveraged product-market fit to increase market share that led to becoming the dominant player in their niche by creating a 3x growth in Annual Recurring Revenue in one year.


Saving an 9.7 million USD ARR Subsidiary from Collapsing

Client: Founder and CEO of a fast-growing SaaS company in Europe, with 145 million USD in annual revenue and a significant presence in 38 countries.

Challenge: One of their subsidiaries was about to crash with 9.7 million USD in annual revenue.

Results: Therése and the CEO analyzed the situation to uncover the root cause. Together they developed in-depth strategies and advanced techniques to launch a cultural transformation and make the necessary personnel changes. This solution followed the realignment of business operations, which strengthened the commitment of high achievers; ultimately saving the business.



Successfully Scaling a Fast-Growing Multinational by Connecting a Thriving Culture with Corporate Performance

Client: Founder and CEO of a fast-growing SaaS company in Europe with over 145 million USD in annual revenue and a significant presence in 38 countries.

Challenge: Developing and strengthening a thriving culture through significant growth and international expansion.

Results: The underlying challenges for this Founder was managing international growth without diluting their culture from an influx of new people while driving exceptional performance and more than doubling their revenue. The Founder and Therése together developed innovative strategies and processes to drive a thriving people and purpose-centric culture throughout the organization connecting their culture directly with their performance. The new initiatives achieved the company’s targets ahead of schedule expanding into new countries and significantly increasing revenue in multiple markets. The company has continued accelerating with a strengthening culture dedicated to their core values and ambitious vision.



45% Revenue Increase During the Pandemic for an 18-year-old company

Client: Founder and CEO of an 18-year-old high-growth SaaS company in Europe with over nearly 200 million USD in annual revenue and a significant presence in 38 countries.

Challenge: Strengthen and align the CEOs, management team, and the board, remove roadblocks of internal conflicts to scale and set the company up for success with a strategic and cultural plan.

Results: With an already thriving culture, company leadership needed help navigating challenges that included removing toxic individuals and refinancing the company. Therese worked directly with the CEO to elevate his leadership and public image, partner with stakeholders, and thrive under extreme pressure. There was also success in strengthening the management team, leveling up performance throughout the company, and improving cultural initiatives. 

Therese also provided long- and short-term strategic, operational, and tactical support to scale and set the direction of the company with the 2028 vision in mind. These pillars helped the client align the board and leadership on collaboration, strengthen the culture of kindness and performance, and execute initiatives to substantially outperform growth targets. 

The outcome of addressing these challenges swiftly resulted in a 45% growth in revenue which is the best year-over-year (YOY) in the company’s history.


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