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Culture Determines Success – Culturally-Driven Companies Have 18% More Revenue Per Employee than the Average

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The Cultural Challenge

Your traction is accelerating, but things are not coming together easily. Sometimes, it feels like you are walking in a sandstorm in the desert when trying to find your way. Other times it feels like you are on top of the world.


You are looking for a greater vision and value alignment with your team, but their commitment is uneven. You have some rockstars delivering phenomenal results, but there are also cruisers skating along doing the minimum.


You are looking to attract and keep High Achievers with deep commitment and drive, but it’s inconsistent and challenging to build your dream team.


You are looking to further accelerate your growth beyond previous highs, but the foundation feels increasingly shakier the higher you go.

Your Culture is Your Foundation 

Imagine you’re building the castle or skyscraper of your wildest dreams. Would you direct its foundations to be built on quicksand, or would you ensure the foundations are solidly connected to bedrock so you know it will stand safe and tall for generations to come? Connected to bedrock, of course! The same is true for companies because your culture is your foundation and weak foundations only become more unstable as they are pushed beyond their initial limits.

High Performance Cultures can be Designed

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Optimally designing major changes to enable dramatic leaps in organizational speed, efficiency, and performance requires at least the same degree of commitment and planning as you dedicated to your first product. What truly sets resilient, successful companies apart from the crowd is their deeply-ingrained company culture.

The correlation between exceptional culture and exceptional performance is captured most clearly in the truism that “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast.” Meaning, in its simplest form, that while strategic planning can chart your most efficient paths toward success, it is only your company’s culture (e.g. the collective actions taken and inputs provided across your organization day-to-day) that can translate those plans into outstanding results.

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I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Therese on building a people and purpose-centric culture and highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about elevating their performance and improving the quality of their life. She helped me see and understand myself, and has given me the tools for how to take my professional and personal life to another level.

James Benedict

Co-Founder & Vice Chairman at Bedowin360 Capital and Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Left Tackle Capital

Actionable Ways to Design Culture

Align your people around your vision, effectively champion your best people, remove toxicity, and amplify your impact by designing and building a high performing culture.


Reimaginez’s proven and actionable programs will elevate you to the next level


Designing Your Thriving Culture: Building a
Strong Cultural Foundation that Scales

State of Affairs and Cultural Assessment 


To build a thriving or brilliant culture, we first need to identify your starting point with a Cultural Assessment. Depending on your need, speed, and ambition, there are several options and levels of depth for completing this assessment. 


The results will illuminate: 

How strong is your company as a unit? (Your Foundation) 

How thriving is your current culture? (Your Cultural Strength)

 How scalable is your culture? (Your Cultural Scalability) 


Knowing this will make possible the design of a thriving culture capable of supporting your current and future growth. To kickstart this work, gaining an in-depth understanding of your starting point with a State of Affairs and Cultural Assessment is the easiest way to get started. 


Establishing Cultural Longevity: Codifying the Best of What Makes You Great

Codifying Culture and Cultural Playbook 


The decision to create a temporary vs. long-lasting company is similar to deciding whether to construct a building very quickly upon quicksand or more sustainably, with foundations anchored firmly within the bedrock. As you build and grow your company, codifying your culture and developing a detailed Cultural Playbook will anchor your foundation to the bedrock and enable you to build a thriving, high-performing culture capable of withstanding the challenges of your journey.


Realizing and Executing Your Ambitious Goals with a High Performance Culture

Cultural Foundation with Your Cultural Plan


After completing your Cultural Assessment, Codifying your Culture, and developing your Cultural Playbook, it’s time to engage with your company’s next stage. The focus will now be on establishing the pillars of your Cultural Plan. This includes uncovering the answers to which initiatives will have an outsized impact on your company this month, quarter, and year? How can you effectively support your high performing teams in achieving, communicating, and leading as your company grows? How can you best protect your company from toxicity? Developing these answers and more will enable your Cultural Plan to pave the way for your high performance culture to achieve greatness, especially in rapid-growth environments.

Highlighted Case Studies and Success Stories 

Codifying a Startup’s Culture to Keep and Attract the Best Talent During Extreme Growth

3x Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), positioning the company as the dominant player in their niche

Realigning and Launching a Successful Impact Fund

Turning a Brilliant Scientist with a Successful Corporate Career into a Thriving Startup CEO

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As a CEO Advisor, Therese and the team at Reimaginez has demonstrated a unique ability to be a champion and wellspring of wisdom – a truly invaluable partner in the quest to achieve greatness for myself and my organization.


Their transformative programs, through their profound understanding and application of high-performance culture, has made a significant impact on the growth and development of our organization. Their strategic, cultural, and holistic guidance aligns perfectly with the ethos I am passionate about both in my professional life and personally. It is a culture that I strive to embody and promote each day.


Working with Therese and the Reimaginez team represents a powerful investment in the future of any organization. For any leader looking to make significant, positive, and lasting changes to their culture, Therese and her team at Reimaginez offer an outstanding partnership.

Robert Sur

Co-Founder & CEO at Delegate

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From Aligning to Merging Culture 
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Cultural Alignment is Your

Secret Advantage

Culture Determines Success: Culturally-Driven Companies Achieve 18% More Revenue Per Employee than the Average

High Achievers Outperform

Average Workers by 14% in

Productivity, 18% in Sales,

and 23% in Profitability

High Achievers are the Heart and Soul of Your Company: How are you Attracting Top Talent to Your Company?

Your Chapter of Hyper-Growth: From Cultural Legacy to Market Transformation and Beyond

Amplifying Performance,

Reach, and Value Through

Culturally Aligned Mergers

Meetings with Therese are a bright spot on my calendar. Her unique perception and listening skills allow her to gather context and details about our needs and challenges and deliver guidance, feedback, and action plans that are relevant and truly helpful. As an early-stage company, we’re lucky to be building with Therese at our side; she’s a sounding board and has a depth and breadth of experience that help fuel our confidence.

Her ability to see challenges that might exist under the surface, or even in the subconscious, is unparalleled and so valuable. Therese encourages us to face obstacles head-on before they hinder our success.

Meredith Danberg-Ficarelli

Co-founder and CEO of WATS

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Codifying a Startup’s Culture to Keep and Attract the Best Talent During Extreme Growth

Client: Founding team of a series-A startup within Artificial Intelligence in the US.

Challenge: Keep their current team members highly engaged and thriving while more than doubling their workforce within three months.

Results: Therése and her team worked closely with the CEO and the founding team to codify and strengthen their culture in order to impact everything from core leadership philosophies, recruitment processes, delegation and accountability to new KPI’s and internal rituals to celebrate successes. Upon completion of the projects the company celebrated its reinforced identity and grew with an increased confidence and speed, setting themselves up for their next stage of growth.


3x Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), positioning the company as the dominant player in their niche

Client: High-growth, VC-backed life sciences company headquartered in the US.

Challenge: Engage a mixed culture of High Performers and Cruisers to develop and scale a High Achieving Culture during an unprecedented period of growth, fundraising, growing pains, and new business.

Results: To implement a cultural transformation, we focused on a mix of strategic, tactical, and operational programs and initiatives. Reimaginez implemented several cultural initiatives and training and development programs, which enabled the team to experience a 50% increase in growth with High Performers.

To level up the team, we implemented several Futuristic Leadership Programs for management and next-generation leaders to strengthen and level up the teams. Alongside the client, we also advanced the culture and leadership from a mixed performance to a High Achieving Culture.


We helped the company to develop a proven recruitment methodology to attract more culturally aligned High Performers; the client adopted and implemented the proprietary processes, models, and frameworks that included The People and Purpose Centric Recruit on Culture Framework™.


We helped the company shift to a fully-remote model, align resources and people, and scale the company. Additionally, we leveraged product-market fit to increase market share that led to becoming the dominant player in their niche by creating a 3x growth in Annual Recurring Revenue in one year.


Realigning and Launching a Successful Impact Fund

Client: Highly empathic lead investor with 20+ years of experience in New York.

Challenge: Uniting and realigning investors and management to successfully launch an innovative fund of funds.

Results: Therése and the founding partner uncovered the underlying challenges to realize the inspired vision for the fund, which included a new launch strategy, management team alignment, and cultural foundation. Together they worked on addressing each challenge and unified the management team around the new strategic direction and action plan. This was quickly followed by successfully closing the funding round with new partners and launching their first targeted investments.



Turning a Brilliant Scientist with a Successful Corporate Career into a Thriving Startup CEO

Client: Founder and CEO of a successful startup within MedTech in Boston.

Challenge: Mastering the startup CEO rollercoaster of a million things to do while keeping himself and his teams delivering strong results.

Results: This Founder’s underlying challenges were balancing briefings from lab studies, pitching investors, getting ready for FDA approval, and later commercialization all at the same time. Together with Therése, they worked on designing and scaling a thriving culture while building out the team with complementary competencies and a strong cultural alignment, training the Founder in pitching and negotiating effectively, and helping him grow into the leader he always wanted to be.


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