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Your Cultural Starting Point? 

You might be experiencing a sensation of chaos and be looking to align your fellow co-founders and team members around one vision with a clear direction. You are seeking a greater sense of achievement and consistency in your overall performance in the company. People are looking to accelerate their contribution but are unsure where to aim.

Why Aligning Culture is Important

It’s impossible not to have culture. If you’re not nurturing yours, its effects on your future performance will be unpredictable at best. The first step in aligning your culture is to recognize where you are starting from.


The Infinity Culture Scale by Reimaginez

Most companies can identify themselves at a high level on the scale above. However, companies not actively investing in aligning, designing, and scaling their cultures will often suffer from challenges stemming from internal cultural frictions between competing visions and teams.


In a thriving or brilliant company culture with a high level of engagement, studies have shown 23% higher profitability.

Are you standing on the edge of greatness?

Therese is always well-prepared and proactive in her teachings to ensure that her clients maximize the value of the programs. When I talk about Therese with fellow founders, I often refer to her as a “founder therapist” – someone that can empathize and share the burden of your journey and help you navigate successfully. I’ve personally recommended her to many of my founder friends who have subsequently gone on to refer her to their friends – a testament to her continued impact.

Sridhar Iyengar

Founder & CEO at Elemental Machines

Actionable Ways to Align Culture

Tap into each team member’s brilliance, build forward momentum through a sense of achievement as a team, achieve peak performance, and design your environment in alignment with empowering values and goals to help your team thrive.


Reimaginez’s proven and actionable programs will elevate you to the next level


Launching an Aligned and High Performing
Culture from Scratch

Keynote address ‘The Exceptional Impact of a Brilliant Culture – Curating High Performance Company Cultures Where High Achievers Thrive’


Regardless of where you start, in order to work effectively as a team and tap into each individual’s brilliance, it’s essential to align on the potential of what your culture can enable. The first step begins with bringing everyone together to explore the possibilities of becoming a high-performing culture and what this means to all of you moving forward. To kickstart this work, aligning your team around a clear vision and unified cultural language during a Kickoff event or Retreat with a Keynote Address and workshops is the easiest way to get started. 


Aligning, Supporting, and Celebrating High Performance as a Team

Reimaginez Alignment Cultural Workshop Series


To experience and celebrate a sense of achievement as a team, it’s essential to know each other’s potential, talents, dreams, strengths, and areas of improvement and to support each other accordingly. From there, in order to know how to best work together and whom to invite into your team and journey, you first need to invest in aligning your unique constellation of high-performing values and behaviors. This will enable you to accomplish your increasingly ambitious goals, especially as you move from one stage to another. With the Reimaginez Alignment Cultural Workshop Series, we can achieve it.


Enhancing Your Team, High Performance
Culture, and Strategic Impact 

Reimaginez Executive Retreats and Offsites


As you keep evolving and growing, it becomes increasingly important to continue refining how you both act and achieve in line with your high performance values and culture. Actively aligning your goals, milestones, culture, and strategic direction through Executive Retreats and Offsites will allow you to continuously peak your performance as individuals and as a team.  

Highlighted Case Studies and Success Stories 

3x Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), positioning the company as the dominant player in their niche

Merging Two Rival Companies Into One Thriving Company and Culture

45% Revenue Increase During the Pandemic for an 18-year-old company

10x’ing Their

Average Deal Size

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It’s been my good fortune to work with Therése over the past few years, learning from her deeply informed perspective on how culture affects the success of both individuals and teams.


To borrow a quote from Carl Jung, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it Fate”…talking to Therése, you will quickly learn that nowhere is this more true than with company culture. If diving into the subconscious of the collective sounds like a daunting task–you should know that Therése has not only demystified the process, but shared it with me and others in a way that becomes incredibly rewarding and generative.


This is why I am so thankful that Therése and Reimaginez have built novel frameworks filled with space for empathy and understanding that allow her to be an uncommonly effective founder and culture therapist. Her keen eye for maximizing strengths and minimizing growing pains for founders and companies is, from my experience, unique in its approach and effect, and I would recommend to anyone running a company that understanding Therése’s perspective will be of inestimable value.

Alex Nichols

Co-Founder at florrent

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From Aligning to Merging Culture 
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Cultural Alignment is Your

Secret Advantage

Culture Determines Success: Culturally-Driven Companies Achieve 18% More Revenue Per Employee than the Average

High Achievers Outperform

Average Workers by 14% in

Productivity, 18% in Sales,

and 23% in Profitability

High Achievers are the Heart and Soul of Your Company: How are you Attracting Top Talent to Your Company?

Your Chapter of Hyper-Growth: From Cultural Legacy to Market Transformation and Beyond

Amplifying Performance,

Reach, and Value Through

Culturally Aligned Mergers

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3x Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), positioning the company as the dominant player in their niche

Client: High-growth, VC-backed life sciences company headquartered in the US.

Challenge: Engage a mixed culture of High Performers and Cruisers to develop and scale a High Achieving Culture during an unprecedented period of growth, fundraising, growing pains, and new business.

Results: To implement a cultural transformation, we focused on a mix of strategic, tactical, and operational programs and initiatives. Reimaginez implemented several cultural initiatives and training and development programs, which enabled the team to experience a 50% increase in growth with High Performers.

To level up the team, we implemented several Futuristic Leadership Programs for management and next-generation leaders to strengthen and level up the teams. Alongside the client, we also advanced the culture and leadership from a mixed performance to a High Achieving Culture.


We helped the company to develop a proven recruitment methodology to attract more culturally aligned High Performers; the client adopted and implemented the proprietary processes, models, and frameworks that included The People and Purpose Centric Recruit on Culture Framework™.


We helped the company shift to a fully-remote model, align resources and people, and scale the company. Additionally, we leveraged product-market fit to increase market share that led to becoming the dominant player in their niche by creating a 3x growth in Annual Recurring Revenue in one year.


Merging Two Rival Companies Into One Thriving Company and Culture

Client: High-growth, VC-backed life sciences company headquartered in the US.

Challenge: A (smaller) company, our client, acquired a (larger) competitor making it crucial to align and integrate two competing companies on culture, leadership, and strategy. Not only did these competitors differ in dynamics and cultures, but also languages, foundations, challenges, and opportunities. Some might have called the environment of the acquired company mediocre or challenged.

Results: To successfully orchestrate a cultural integration, it was crucial to get the key players to agree on a joint vision that would provide a common ground to perform, collaborate, and thrive as a single unit. Reimaginez worked with the c-suite and key stakeholders of each of the companies to establish a deep level of trust and support. Uncovering unifying threads around values, goals, and leadership and developing and implementing the cultural integration plan ensured a smooth integration, setting them up for future success and exponential growth.



45% Revenue Increase During the Pandemic for an 18-year-old company

Client: Founder and CEO of an 18-year-old high-growth SaaS company in Europe with over nearly 200 million USD in annual revenue and a significant presence in 38 countries.

Challenge: Strengthen and align the CEOs, management team, and the board, remove roadblocks of internal conflicts to scale and set the company up for success with a strategic and cultural plan.

Results: With an already thriving culture, company leadership needed help navigating challenges that included removing toxic individuals and refinancing the company. Therese worked directly with the CEO to elevate his leadership and public image, partner with stakeholders, and thrive under extreme pressure. There was also success in strengthening the management team, leveling up performance throughout the company, and improving cultural initiatives. 

Therese also provided long- and short-term strategic, operational, and tactical support to scale and set the direction of the company with the 2028 vision in mind. These pillars helped the client align the board and leadership on collaboration, strengthen the culture of kindness and performance, and execute initiatives to substantially outperform growth targets. 

The outcome of addressing these challenges swiftly resulted in a 45% growth in revenue which is the best year-over-year (YOY) in the company’s history.



10x Deal Sizes

Client: Serial Founder and CEO of a Series-A health-tech company in the US.

Challenge: Scaling up yearly revenue and closing large commercial partnerships to secure market share.

Results: The underlying challenge was a disconnect between the goals, strategies, and priorities within the company, especially between the engineering and commercial teams. Steps taken included aligning the company around a united vision and strengthening their culture, followed by a targeted commercial strategy focused on clearer dream personas and value propositions. These initiatives resulted in increasing the average deal size by more than ten times.


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