Leading as a Giver – The High Achiever Holiday Gift Guide

The end of the year is always a challenging but exciting time for Founders and Leaders: plans for an amazing next year start becoming more tangible, and our visions are now several steps closer to being a reality. But that’s not all. With the holidays approaching, it’s an ideal time for High Achieving Empathic Givers to actively engage with their gift-giving nature.

In this article, we are sharing a gift guide to help you get ahead of your shopping list and start spreading the holiday spirit throughout your team.

Cultivate: Meditation + Wellness

At Reimaginez, we are huge advocates for leading intentional lifestyles and living in line with our values. Whether your journey is just starting out or you are already thriving at your deeply aligned lifestyle, meditation is a tool that can bring significant value to your life.

Our friend and talented teacher, Jen, offers a personalized path to healing, connection, and alignment for anyone looking to consciously create the life they want. Jen is a certified mindfulness teacher, with nearly two decades of experience helping others bring clarity and alignment to their journeys by enhancing their creative flow, rehashing connection, and nurturing emotional regulation. Click here to explore how the different membership types can add value to your team members’ paths.

Silvia Depaire: Artist Painter

Our environment has a deep impact on the way we connect to our daily routines, habits, and activities. A setting that is beautiful and intentionally curated for its purpose has the potential to spark great creativity, invite focus, and enhance performance, peaking your levels of productivity and fulfillment.

Silvia’s Art

Talented artist Silvia Depaire creates paintings that add value to any type of atmosphere you are trying to establish. While we are big fans of her Deep Seas pieces, she offers breathtaking art across the color spectrum to help you tailor your surroundings in alignment with your priorities and productivity style. Click here to discover how Silvia’s creations can elevate your team members’ workspaces.

Be Brilliant Academy: Actionable Online Courses for High Achievers

One of our main values at Reimaginez is lifelong learning. Opportunities to learn are pure gold to high-performing individuals, both in the practical sense (as team members) and in a more holistic perspective (as human beings in the broad sense). There are few things High Achievers cherish more than a good chance at either becoming familiar with a new field of knowledge or digging deeper into a subject they have already explored and enjoyed.

Our sister brand, Be Brilliant Academy, creates premium courses specifically tailored for the needs of High Achievers and High Performers. With an assortment of courses ranging from negotiation to lifestyle design, Be Brilliant Academy is deeply committed to helping high performers thrive in their pursuits.

But we also have a gift for you: until December 23, 2021, you can use the discount code PositiveGiver25 to get 25% off all the courses. Click here to step into the next level of your team’s development.

Kiva: Micro Loans that Change Lives

Positive giving is one of our driving principles at Reimaginez. We believe in the power of giving to create a constructive impact in the world, but not just any kind of giving: giving that is intentional, value-aligned, and that has a positive ripple effect with the potential to outlast generations.

Kiva is a platform that allows you to contribute to impactful initiatives around the world by crowdfunding loans in increments starting from $25. But this is not like any other crowdfunding platform: in Kiva, lenders receive repayments from the projects they funded*, and they are able to use their repayments to fund new loans, make donations, or withdraw the money if so they wish. Click here to explore how Kiva is helping Leaders create change around the world.

Spotify: Music to Design Your Environment

On the topic of designing your environment, music is a powerful tool that can help you set the stage for different types, styles, and paces of performance — depending not only on the individual but also on the kind of work that you are looking to deliver.

Spotify is a great platform for creating playlists that complement your energy flow during the day and the different activities that you are engaging with. From deep focus to creativity time, maybe even including some of that uplifting Holiday spirit, Spotify can be fantastic when it comes to surrounding yourself with an environment that will enhance your performance and boost your engagement with any activity you are taking part in. Click here to discover how music can help your team members design their ideal work environments.

Leading as a Giver

There are many different, wonderful ways of living as a Positive Giver. With this gift guide, we are sharing some ideas for enriching your team members’ lives and journeys that can either work on their own or by combining two or more of them. High Achievers have a deep appreciation for anything that brings them true value and is aligned with the values and priorities that matter to them the most. This is why the first step to keeping them engaged, fulfilled, and thriving, is designing a brilliant company culture for High Achievers.

Are you ready to kickstart the next phase of your company’s evolution? We are here to help.

Ready to Thrive?

High Achievers thrive alongside fellow High Achievers, and they attract each other.

We have worked with 1000+ founders and CEOs, and we have experienced first-hand how culture has an impact on everything, from interactions between team members to talent attraction and retention; from customer relationships and profitability to the speed of innovation and your ability to propel revolutionary initiatives that will wow your Dream Persona and leave a print in the history of your industry.

We have built proprietary frameworks proven to deliver transformative change in fast-growing companies. Below is a selection of our custom-designed projects on culture, leadership, and growth that can span from two weeks to a year depending on goals and needs:

Codifying Culture is designed to create a strong cultural foundation to be used for effective leadership initiatives, recruitment, and accountability.

Recruiting on Cultural Fit is a scalable and methodical recruitment model focused on mindset, cultural and value alignment.

Scaling a High Achiever Culture is designed to keep the best people, your High Achievers, performing and thriving.

Strategic Direction and Growth is often delivered as an off-site, followed by an executive coaching program for your management team.

Bespoke Programs are fully customized initiatives that span extensive cultural transformations as well as targeted projects covering culture, leadership, commercialization, recruitment, training, and growth.

*Kiva loans have a historical repayment rate of about 97% (this number fluctuates slightly so check Kiva’s homepage for the current rate). Kiva does not guarantee repayment for any loans crowdfunded on the Kiva website.

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