81% of Professionals Want to Work from Home — Is Your Company Ready to Help Them Thrive?

There is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has faced us all with a range of challenges, and the workplace has not been an exception: spaces, schedules, and routines have had to be transformed to accommodate the need for safety and prevention. However, a recent survey from Harvard Business School Online shows that there is a silver lining to be found. According to the report:

  • A third of the professionals who worked from home during the past year felt their overall performance and focus were better than the year prior;
  • Half of the professionals found that collaboration and support among co-workers remained the same, as well as trust in leadership;
  • About a third of the professionals invested time in education and career development.

Considering how many survey participants were not only able to excel at their careers during these critical times but also managed to keep a thriving lifestyle at large, it should come as no surprise that 81 percent of professionals don’t want to go back to a traditional schedule and workplace. Rather, 27 percent of them hope to work remotely completely, while 61 percent would like to have a hybrid schedule. The inevitable question is: is your company ready for this paradigm shift?

The Magic of Putting People First

As the world enters a new era of productivity, the times of “business as usual” are over: work from home is here to stay, and it has proven to set the ground for High Achievers to flourish, as long as leaders take a proactive approach towards culture design. Allowing employees to work from home is no longer a nicety but a necessity in an environment that yearns for the rise of the People and Purpose-Centric model.

Work from home empowers High Achievers towards designing a lifestyle that compliments their needs and helps them peak their performances, which in return boosts their engagement and drive in the workplace. Behaviors and interactions can be designed: when it comes to attracting and nurturing High Achievers, culture design is the way to go.

As work from home becomes the norm rather than the exception, how are you nurturing your human capital? How are you helping your High Achievers to thrive?

Curious to explore how your company can thrive with a remote-first approach in the long run? Then this is for you. We are turning two of our bespoke cultural and training programs designed for the c-suite and top talents into a new format. As part of our effort to help leaders and employees to unite around common goals and priorities and bridge the distance caused by isolation and pressure, we are offering two entirely virtual training programs:

LeadEx is a leadership program designed for leading distributed teams successfully. Its focus is on keeping an engaged workforce while the world is turning.

RemoteEx is a performance program designed for remote workers to create work routines to reduce stress, boost productivity, and increase wellbeing despite the challenges of uncertainty.

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