High Performance Executive Coaching Programs for Impact-Driven and High Achieving Founders and CEOs

Are you looking for a Master Teacher / Founder Therapist / Yoda in your corner?

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High Performance Programs for Founders and CEOs

Have you ever wished to have Yoda by your side, helping you choose between the million paths ahead?

Have you ever wanted a co-founder to magically appear to help you make the hard decisions that keep you up all night? Have you ever wanted someone to do for you what you do for everyone else? Someone who sees your potential and has your back?


These are just some of the ways Therése has been described by her founder and C-level clients on the journey they have taken together, as she made sure they received the support they needed.

Are you looking for someone in your corner? 

Therése has been empowering High Achieving individuals for over 20 years through her transformative change programs where everything is done with a purpose.


Each journey starts with a first step based on your dreams and goals.


So the question is, whom do you wish was on your side, as you make your way through your own hero’s journey?

James Benedict

Co-Founder & Vice Chairman at Bedowin360 Capital and Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Left Tackle Capital

I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Therese on building a people and purpose-centric culture and highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about elevating their performance and improving the quality of their life. She helped me see and understand myself, and has given me the tools for how to take my professional and personal life to another level.

Sridhar Iyengar

Founder and CEO at Elemental Machines

She is always well-prepared and proactive in her teachings to ensure that her clients maximize the value of the programs. When I talk about Therése with fellow founders, I often refer to her as a “founder therapist” – someone that can empathize and share the burden of your journey and help you navigate successfully. I’ve personally recommended her to many of my founder friends who have subsequently gone on to refer her to their friends – a testament to her continued impact.

What Clients Love About Our Delivery

Proven track record of 20 years working with 1,000+ founders and C-level clients and impacting 30,000+ company cultures. Therese is often referred to as Yoda, Stand-in Co-founder, Founder Therapist, CEO Advisor, Master Teacher, and Performance Coach by founders, CEOs and investors. 
Deep understanding and experience with High Achievers’ and founders’ lifestyles and mindsets.
Strategic, operational, and tactical support for transforming company cultures, developing high achieving leadership abilities, aligning strategic direction, and delivering transformative growth.
Actionable change with proven, proprietary frameworks and tools aimed at achieving success, accelerating performance, and increasing engagement.
Every program is uniquely tailored around your values, your goals, your dreams, and your priorities. Every session is different, and the entire experience is designed to address the most urgent and impactful crossroads, decisions, uncertainties, and goals you have.
The greater commitment, the more transformative it will be, and the more opportunities you will have to discover and address all aspects of your business and your life which contribute to your success, wellbeing, and fulfillment.
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Executive Coaching Can Increase Work Performance by 70%

A High Performance Executive Coaching Program for Impact-Driven and High Achieving Founders and CEOs

The High Achieving CEO –

The Thriving CEO™ Program

Executive Coaching Programs Designed for Achievement

The The High Achieving CEO – The Thriving CEO™ program is holistic, experiential, and practical. It is designed to maximize your immediate impact and value over time by creating and scaling the structures and conditions necessary to thrive sustainably as positively disruptive founders, leaders, and CEOs. 


Designing and Scaling High Performance Culture

Learn how to align your people around your vision, effectively champion your best people, remove toxicity, and amplify your impact by designing and scaling a high-performing culture.


CEOship of High Growth Company

Learn how to excel in the role of the CEO, navigate the wilderness, and build a strong ecosystem.


High Impact Leadership and Team Building 

Learn how to elevate your company by understanding how to effectively recruit, develop and lead High Achievers, boost their performance, and help them thrive through the leadership philosophies of tomorrow.


High Achieving Mindset, Performance and Lifestyle Design

Learn how to tap into your brilliance, build forward momentum through a sense of achievement, peak performance, and design an environment in alignment with your values and goals to help you thrive while achieving the seemingly impossible. Explore the power of value-based lifestyle design and experience greater fulfillment, direction, and achievement.

Robert Sur

Co-Founder & CEO at Delegate


As a CEO Advisor, Therese and the team at Reimaginez has demonstrated a unique ability to be a champion and wellspring of wisdom – a truly invaluable partner in the quest to achieve greatness for myself and my organization.


Working with Therese and the Reimaginez team represents a powerful investment in the future of any organization. For any leader looking to make significant, positive, and lasting changes to their culture, Therese and her team at Reimaginez offer an outstanding partnership.

Jan Schnorr

Co-founder of C2Sense

Therése is an extraordinary Founder/Executive Coach, and working with her continues to have a significant impact on my career and life.

Therése is exceptional at custom-tailoring her frameworks and individual advice to create an immediate as well as long-lasting impact. I couldn’t be happier about working with her and have recommended her to many founders and other High Potential and High Achiever friends and colleagues.

Highlighted Case Studies and Success Stories From our Cultural Design and Founder/Executive Coaching Programs

3x Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), positioning the company as the dominant player in their niche

Designing His Best Life After a Successful Company Exit

Turning a Brilliant Scientist with a Successful Corporate Career into a Thriving Startup CEO

Successfully Scaling a Fast-Growing Multinational by Connecting a Thriving Culture with Corporate Performance

Tripling The Equity Stake

Realigning and Launching a Successful Impact Fund

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Meet Therese Gedda – Founder and CEO

Therése Gedda is an award-winning entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Reimaginez. She brings 20 years of entrepreneurial experience from running multiple companies including tech startups to her executive coaching and cultural consulting practice. She has developed proprietary frameworks proven to deliver transformative change in both fast-growing companies and large corporations. Therése has actively engaged with over 1,000 founders, CEO’s and executives. Her company, Reimaginez, reimagines the workplace by supporting startups and scaleups in becoming more people and purpose-centric. She is also a sought-after Executive Coach for high-achieving founders, investors, and the C-suite.

As a result of her dedication to entrepreneurship and company culture, Therése has been recognized by Nordic 100 for her cultural and Future of Work efforts, naming her one of the most influential and impactful people in the Nordics. The list is equivalent to the ‘Forbes 30 under 30’ and ‘Forbes 40 under 40’ in the United States. She’s also been recognized by the SKAPA foundation via the Future Innovator Award given in memory of Alfred Nobel. This award is one of the most prestigious of its kind, and the recipients are considered to be “Swedish Champions of Innovation.”


Therése has been an invited Keynote Speaker in over ten countries on topics such as Company Culture, the Future of Work, and the High Achiever Mindset where she has inspired tens of thousands of people. Therése has been featured at exclusive invitation-only events led by companies such as Apple and LVMH as well as international conferences such as Inbound in Boston alongside Michelle Obama, Adam Grant, and Brené Brown. Other notable conferences include Viva Tech in Paris, TEDx in Stockholm, and Web Summit in Dublin. Offstage, Therése has been featured in NBC News, Fortune, Nasdaq, and VentureBeat, to name a few.

Alex Nichols
Co-Founder at florrent

…this is why I am so thankful that Therése and Reimaginez have built novel frameworks filled with space for empathy and understanding that allow her to be an uncommonly effective founder and culture therapist. Her keen eye for maximizing strengths and minimizing growing pains for founders and companies is, from my experience, unique in its approach and effect, and I would recommend to anyone running a company that understanding Therése’s perspective will be of inestimable value.

Jakob Persson

Co-founder and CTO at NodeOne

Highly driven, goal-focused and with an extraordinary degree of commitment. She is also an advocate of entrepreneurship and has helped countless people on their path to building their business. I count her among the most inspirational and brilliant people I have the fortune to know.

Welcome to Reimaginez

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We can’t wait to talk to you about high performance thriving cultures

3x Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), positioning the company as the dominant player in their niche

Client: High-growth, VC-backed life sciences company headquartered in the US.

Challenge: Engage a mixed culture of High Performers and Cruisers to develop and scale a High Achieving Culture during an unprecedented period of growth, fundraising, growing pains, and new business.

Results: To implement a cultural transformation, we focused on a mix of strategic, tactical, and operational programs and initiatives. Reimaginez implemented several cultural initiatives and training and development programs, which enabled the team to experience a 50% increase in growth with High Performers.

To level up the team, we implemented several Futuristic Leadership Programs for management and next-generation leaders to strengthen and level up the teams. Alongside the client, we also advanced the culture and leadership from a mixed performance to a High Achieving Culture.


We helped the company to develop a proven recruitment methodology to attract more culturally aligned High Performers; the client adopted and implemented the proprietary processes, models, and frameworks that included The People and Purpose Centric Recruit on Culture Framework™.


We helped the company shift to a fully-remote model, align resources and people, and scale the company. Additionally, we leveraged product-market fit to increase market share that led to becoming the dominant player in their niche by creating a 3x growth in Annual Recurring Revenue in one year.


Designing His Best Life After a Successful Company Exit

Client: Founder and former CEO of a successful series-B Life Science company.

Challenge: Reconnecting with self-sovereignty after complete immersion in his company for over a decade.

Results: After over a decade of complete focus on launching and scaling his company, he realized that he hadn’t made time for himself or self-discovery. After successfully exiting his company, he faced the challenges and complexity of the open road ahead with too many options and requests. Instead of jumping right back into the startup world, Therése and the Founder worked on his deep self-discovery and personal alignment as well as the pursuit of his legacy. This journey led him to a place where he is in the best shape of his life, has a deep sense of self, and acts with intention and meaning in every part of his life.



Turning a Brilliant Scientist with a Successful Corporate Career into a Thriving Startup CEO

Client: Founder and CEO of a successful startup within MedTech in Boston.

Challenge: Mastering the startup CEO rollercoaster of a million things to do while keeping himself and his teams delivering strong results.

Results: This Founder’s underlying challenges were balancing briefings from lab studies, pitching investors, getting ready for FDA approval, and later commercialization all at the same time. Together with Therése, they worked on designing and scaling a thriving culture while building out the team with complementary competencies and a strong cultural alignment, training the Founder in pitching and negotiating effectively, and helping him grow into the leader he always wanted to be.



Successfully Scaling a Fast-Growing Multinational by Connecting a Thriving Culture with Corporate Performance

Client: Founder and CEO of a fast-growing SaaS company in Europe with over 145 million USD in annual revenue and a significant presence in 38 countries.

Challenge: Developing and strengthening a thriving culture through significant growth and international expansion.

Results: The underlying challenges for this Founder was managing international growth without diluting their culture from an influx of new people while driving exceptional performance and more than doubling their revenue. The Founder and Therése together developed innovative strategies and processes to drive a thriving people and purpose-centric culture throughout the organization connecting their culture directly with their performance. The new initiatives achieved the company’s targets ahead of schedule expanding into new countries and significantly increasing revenue in multiple markets. The company has continued accelerating with a strengthening culture dedicated to their core values and ambitious vision.



Tripling The Equity Stake


Client: First-time Founder and CEO of a Series-B biotech company in the US.

Challenge: During the company’s series-B funding round, the CEO was at risk of being diluted further and only left with 3 percent of his business.

Results: The first step was to identify key issues that included board and investor relations, corporate positioning, and competing priorities. Therése helped the CEO develop sophisticated negotiation strategies and tactics to strengthen him personally and professionally against a combated board. Together, their work resulted in a closed funding round with a 9.5 percent equity stake, and the CEO earned renewed confidence from the board and company.



Realigning and Launching a Successful Impact Fund

Client: Highly empathic lead investor with 20+ years of experience in New York.

Challenge: Uniting and realigning investors and management to successfully launch an innovative fund of funds.

Results: Therése and the founding partner uncovered the underlying challenges to realize the inspired vision for the fund, which included a new launch strategy, management team alignment, and cultural foundation. Together they worked on addressing each challenge and unified the management team around the new strategic direction and action plan. This was quickly followed by successfully closing the funding round with new partners and launching their first targeted investments.


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